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Quick Assessment Tool for Charity Digital Code launches

Quick Assessment Tool for Charity Digital Code launches

On the day of the Charity Digital Code’s launch, a quick assessment tool has also launched to help charities determine where they currently stand and where digital can help.

The Digital Collective and digital fundraising solutions provider Hubbub Fundraising have created the The Digital Charity Code Quick Assessment Tool to enable charities to answer how they already meet the Code’s standards, and where digital offers them the biggest opportunities.

Martin Francis Campbell, CIO of World Vision UK, and digital charity specialist at Hubbub fundraising, said:

“As charities, we often focus digital thinking on the nuts and bolts of websites and marketing, and can miss the bigger opportunities presented by adopting digital at the heart of the organisation.  I’m really pleased to see that the Charity Digital Code is focused around leadership, strategy and culture.

“One of the biggest challenges is that digital is a moving target, in fact it moves so fast that someone who’s been in a certain charity for a just few years may have a very different view of what good digital looks like than someone who’s just moved across from the charity sector.”

By using the code and the Quick Assessment tool, charities can use a common reference point for what good digital looks like and see straightaway where they can most quickly take valuable steps forward.

As well as giving individual feedback to the recipient, the creators are hoping the Quick Assessment Tool will be used to share a picture of how the individuals within a charity might be aligned in one area but have differing views in another. The tool also asks participants permission to include their submission into a benchmark report, which will track how the sector as a whole is responding to the raised expectations of supporters and beneficiaries.

Campbell added:

“By allowing charities to see where we stand both in respect of each other and in respect to our own agreed best practice, I hope that the Quick Assessment Tool will help charities to start having the conversations needed at a senior level which will deliver the kind of transformative growth into the sector that, so far, we’ve really only seen digital deliver in the commercial sector.”



Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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