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Fundraising sector now a leading advertiser of VR roles

Fundraising sector now a leading advertiser of VR roles

An analysis of the virtual reality job market shows that vacancies are up with the fundraising sector advertising almost 1 in every 10.

Job search platform Joblift analysed the UK’s virtual (or augmented) reality job market and recorded an average monthly increase of 6% in vacancies – double the 3% increase seen in the UK’s job market as a whole. According to Joblift, 10,162 virtual reality job vacancies have been posted in the UK in the last 24 months.

These positions have increased by 6% on average each month and while web developers and programmers were the most in-demand, with a quarter of all job postings advertising these roles, in second place fundraisers were advertised in 7% of postings, with job listings highlighting the use of virtual reality technology in street and door-to-door campaigning. Researchers followed with 4%, and with 3% of all vacancies, business development managers ranked in fourth. Interns rounded off the top five, accounting for 1% of all vacancies.

Greenpeace, Oxfam, Cancer Research UK, MSF, and Alzheimer’s Society were the top five employers in the sector with the industry responsible for advertising 8% of all VR jobs. The research sector ranked in fourth place, with universities, schools and colleges advertising 7% of all VR positions in the last two years. Rounding off the top five, the finance sector advertised 6% of all augmented reality roles. However, according to Jobsite, despite the increase in vacancies, positions in the fundraising sector take longer to fill. The average VR charity job spent 45 days online before being filled, 10 days longer than the average time VR jobs were closed in other sectors.

VR infographic

Melanie May is a journalist and copywriter specialising in writing both for and about the charity and marketing services sectors since 2001. She can be reached via

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