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Fortnite gaming challenge to benefit Leukaemia Care

Fortnite gaming challenge to benefit Leukaemia Care

Online gaming enthusiasts are about to take part in a two-week virtual challenge with the game Fortnite to benefit Leukaemia Care.  

Worcestershire-based Leukaemia Care has launched its new virtual event, “Fortnite for a Fortn14ht” with fundraising platform GivePenny. The new platform allows gamers to raise money whilst streaming their game play on the Twitch platform.

Gamers set themselves a two-week challenge as they play Fortnite, one of the most popular games available.

Challenges could be:

  • streaming an hour of the game every single day online
  • competing to be the last person standing fourteen days in a row.
  • encouraging your children who play Fortnite to take part – telling them they can only play Fortnite for every hour they are sponsored!

Lee Clark, chief fun-raiser for GivePenny said: “With Fortnite for a Fortn14ht, we begin our partnership with a connected giving campaign that will strike a chord with loyal supporters and a new audience at the same time. From the dedicated fundraising pages hosted by GivePenny, participants will be able to play Fortnite, livestream it through Twitch to their friends and family, all while being able to encourage donations in a safe and secure way. This is going to be lots of fun!”


More virtual events

Leukaemia Care will follow up this event with more virtual events, including a virtual marathon and an event themed around this summer’s World Cup.

Nicole Scully, Fundraising Manager for the charity said: “Virtual events are flexible and allow people to be creative with their fundraising. I can’t wait to see how people use the platform to bring their own fundraising ideas to life”.



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