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45% of newly registered charity sites not mobile-responsive

45% of newly registered charity sites not mobile-responsive

Many small and newly registered charities are missing out on opportunities to raise funds online according to research conducted by Charity Checkout.

The in-house study was conducted earlier this year into the websites of 500 newly registered charities and revealed that only 60% had websites, and of these, 45% were not responsive.

In addition, Charity Checkout research into 2,000 small charities in England and Wales found that the majority of small charities were unable to accept Gift Aid or set up online. 60% of the charities surveyed did not process Gift Aid via their online donation system, reducing their potential revenue by up to 25%, while 62% did not have a option within their online donation system. Many payment pages were also inadequately branded, according to Charity Checkout.

Charity Checkout has also revealed that out of the one thousand local charities it has worked with since its 2011 launch, over 75% did not accept regular donations via their website previously, and 55% did not offer any method of online giving prior to working with the company.

Chester Mojay-Sinclare, Charity Checkout founder, said:

“The majority of charities had an online donation system that lacked basic features such as a Gift Aid declaration and an option for monthly donations. We mostly found this to be the case with small charities that are using payment checkouts that have not been designed for charities in the first place.

“However, those that are using a charity specific platform are also often using a external fundraising site that does not display their charity’s branding sufficiently. A branded payment page generally secures over 38% more in online donations, so this is also something charities should consider.”


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