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Five tweets for fundraisers on 1 December 2016

Five tweets for fundraisers on 1 December 2016

Here’s another in our occasional selection of five tasty tweets for fundraisers – some serious, some useful or inspiring, and some to make you smile (or wince).

1. Love it or hate it

In the new economy, with a weaker pound and price rises starting to bite, there are always new fundraising opportunities. If it’s not Marmite jars, you could always try original Toblerone bars.

2. Legacy impact

All charitable are valuable, but some achieve outstanding impact. CAF looks at what one legacy has achieved over 100 years.

3. Spending a penny on

Here’s some of fundraising agency Blakely’s recruitment advertising at the AFP Congress in Toronto.


4. Cashless giving beckons

JustGiving is working on a mobile tap to give donation app with PayPal.


5. Like? Don’t like

We’ve seen cutting comments by others on the need to avoid vanity metrics (such as Unicef Sweden’s Likes don’t save children’s lives campaign), so here is Southend News Network’s take on the real world value of Facebook likes.


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