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Lemonaid and ChariTea to raise funds in the UK

Lemonaid and ChariTea to raise funds in the UK

The Lemonaid and ChariTea has expanded from Germany to the UK. Its “sustainable soft drinks” generate 5p per bottle sold to fund economic development projects around the world.

Lemonaid and ChariTea are made with organic and vegan ingredients which are sourced from small-scale farming cooperatives in Sri Lanka, Paraguay, Mexico and South Africa. Committed to Fairtrade, the company pays higher prices for their raw ingredients to “support a fair and humane agriculture”.

So far sales of Lemonaid and ChariTea have raised nearly £1 million for aid projects including education, childcare, mental health and infrastructural initiatives. The money is donated to the not-for-profit charitable organisation Lemonaid and ChariTea e.V.


Founded in Germany

Founders and friends Jakob Berndt, Felix Langguth and Paul Bethke started the Lemonaid & ChariTea project “to incite and shape the process of social change”. They set up the enterprise in 2008 in Hamburg’s bohemian St Pauli district.

Drink socially – drink socially responsibly!


The company now offers a range of seven soft drinks and ice teas. There is Lemonaid Lime, Lemonaid Passion Fruit and Lemonaid Blood Orange; and ChariTea red (Rooibos tea with passion fruit), ChariTea green (Green tea with ginger and honey) and ChariTea black (Black tea with lemon).

ChariTea also make mate, a lightly carbonated, real brewed ice tea from full yerba mate leaves. It is designed as an “alternative to sickly sweet energy drinks”. It contains twice as much caffeine as a Coke and with no added sugar.


The products are now on sale in the UK at Whole Foods, Selfridges, Harrods, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended and other deli and health foods stores across London.

LemonAid costs £1.59 per 330ml bottle and ChariTea costs £1.29 per 330ml bottle.



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