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Ammado introduces donation gift cards for Christmas

Global donation platform Ammado has introduced a Donation Gift Card, enabling people to make a charitable gift as a present and let the recipient choose which charity to donate it to.
The Gift Aid is designed for corporates as an alternative way to offer a reward or gift to employees or clients. The introductory video suggests that as a CSR tool they offer a more tangible benefit than traditional mugs, pens and badges with the company’s logo on.

How the Donation Gift Card works

[youtube height=”450″ width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PomE8zgTvIY[/youtube]
Companies first need to create an Ammado account, then they choose the number of gift cards and their value, and click “Buy Gift Cards.” They pay by credit card or PayPal, and the cards are delivered via email or downloaded for distribution in a card or even to be printed onto a promotional item like a bottle.
The cards are essentially a 12-digit code voucher, available in 78 currencies for any denomination.
Companies can customise the card to support their global charitable brand strategy or leave it open to any charity. The use of each gift card is tracked so Ammado can provide details to the company of how each card has been redeemed. Early adopters of Ammado Donation Gift Cards include Citrix, Eon, and General Electric.
Peter Conlon, CEO and founder of ammado, said:

“The ammado Donation Gift Card allows companies and individuals to cut through the clutter of traditional corporate gifts and give something truly meaningful this holiday season, or equally on an ongoing basis as incentive or reward… Empowering those you respect and admire with the ability to support a cause that they’re passionate about is far more rewarding than receiving another bottle of mediocre wine!”


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

Affiliate programme

Ammado is working to spread the word of the Donation Gift Cards by running an affiliate marketing programme for organisations whose networks may be interested in Donation Gift Cards.Affiliates generate income each time they result in a new company signing up for the gift cards.

About Ammado

Ammado connects non-profits, companies, and individuals from 140 countries who are committed to positive change with more than 1.6 million nonprofit organisations worldwide. As well as working with small organisation, they also work with the International Red Cross, Oxfam, and Save the Children.
The platform enables companies to create personalised charitable campaigns, for one charity or several, that engage employees and/or customers. Companies can introduce workplace giving, disaster appeals, or fundraising campaigns from a single digital platform.
The Switzerland-based company supports donations in 80 currencies and 30 different payment methods and publishes in 12  languages.