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Charity register launched in the Republic of Ireland

Howard Lake | 29 October 2014 | Blogs

The Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) is the Republic of Ireland’s statutory regulatory agency for charitable organisations. It is an independent statutory agency under the aegis of the Department of Justice and Equality, and its Board is appointed by the Minister for Justice and Equality.
The Register of Charities will include the name of the charitable organisation, other names, abbreviations, etc., the principal place of business, the charity number, the governing form, and much more. However, the entries currently in the Register are based on information supplied to the CRA by the Revenue Commissioners under section 40 of the Charities Act, and these entries are not yet complete. The CRA will be asking registered charities over the next four to six months to supply the additional information needed for a complete entry in the Register. As the CRA receives this information from registered charities, it will update the Register. This means that, for now, where an entry for any particular charity is missing data, this should not be taken in any way as a reflection on the charity or its registered status. There would appear to be a lot of data missing at the moment.
Finbar Cullen, ResearchPlus