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How to keep up with fundraising event technology trends

How to keep up with fundraising event technology trends

Anyone who has attended a fundraising ball or gala dinner in the last two years will have noticed that charities are increasingly using tablets and handheld devices to fundraise.

The event fundraising landscape has changed dramatically. Event is no longer avant-garde, but is becoming an integral part of event fundraising. Charity have come a long way from the standard paper-based registration and auction.

In every sector technology is evolving quickly. It is no different in the charity sector: due to advancements in technology and social media there are so many more opportunities for charities to gain new supporters, increase fundraising revenue and manage their events more effectively. Charities need to stay up-to-date with technology trends to keep their supporters engaged and ensure that they achieve their fundraising targets.

As fundraisers begin to organise events for the busiest and most profitable time of the year they need to make sure that they are adding new and exciting elements to their events.

But how do you ensure that your charity keeps up with quickly-evolving event technology trends? Below we’ve created a guide to give you some tips on how to ensure your charity stays ahead of the curve.

Go mobile

Research by Deloitte last year showed that 7 in 10 people in the UK now own a smartphone and tablet sales have overtaken PC sales. Mobile devices are quickly becoming the platform of choice. As well as positioning your charity as a forward-thinking organisation, by going mobile you can raise more with electronic silent auctions and pledges.

Find new avenues for sponsorship

If you challenge conventional methods of sponsorship and event advertising you have a better chance of securing funding from sponsors. Event technology solutions provide dynamic sponsorship options designed to engage your audience. More sponsors means more money raised for your cause.

Integrate the technology around the traditional elements of the event

Run a live auction and an electronic and pledge to ensure you raise as much as possible.

Think outside the box

Event technology is extremely versatile. If you have an idea about what you want at your event, be brave and ask for it.

Use technology to educate your guests

Engage your supporters and potential donors by giving them information about your charity at their fingertips.

Keep it fun

The best events are fun and engaging. Technology can add excitement and entertainment value to your events. By utilising mobile quizzes, games and electronic silent auctions you can add a twist to traditional fundraising activities.

Capture valuable data

Data is the most valuable asset for any charity. Event technology captures and collates information about your supporters instantly. This feedback can then be used to analyse which fundraising channels are most effective and help you run your events more efficiently in the future (who to invite and how much to ask for!)


Paul Beck is CEO of event technology company Bidtec.

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