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Tribute fundraising – examples from the USA

Tribute fundraising – examples from the USA

In my learning from the Blackbaud conference this week in Washington DC, I’ve been to a couple of interesting sessions on tribute fundraising. I think many charities in the US seem to be more creative in their thinking on finding ways to increase donations from in memory giving.

For example, for one charity The VFW National Home for Children, they have walls around the campus where you can purchase a physical brick online and have it personalised with your tribute message for $100. Even though many people might never visit the campus they know it’s there and they also receive a certificate.

In another charity Austin Humane Society they have a Friendship Wall where for $500 you can have a plague on the wall in memory of a loved one or pet. It’s a great way to get a high value donation and the supporter also gets something back for their donation.

There were also many examples of US charities having tribute fundraising sites, several using off the shelf systems and some who had created a bespoke site. I think in the UK it’s definitely still a growing area for example we recently created a bespoke tribute fundraising & events site for Mind called Mind Memory Space.

Overall I think In Memory giving and using online to help is a definite growth area for charities in the UK, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves.

Vicky Reeves, Founder & MD, Chameleon – The Digital Experts for the Charity Sector

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