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Innovation Rules – your opportunity to have your say

Innovation Rules – your opportunity to have your say

Fundraising is tough. ‘More for less’ has practically become a daily mantra for both donors and charities. Great causes are clamoring in an increasingly crowded marketplace for a finite piece of the fundraising income pie.

The word seems to be the latest trend, promising to provide salvation and solutions. ‘We must be more innovative’ is the answer to how to deliver ‘more for less‘.

But what does ‘being more innovative’ actually mean? It seems to mean something different to everyone. There is a broad agreement that innovation is about taking good ideas and making them happen. But how organizations and individuals practically take a ‘good idea’ and actually turn it into successful fundraising is up for debate. As is the topic of whether the focus should be on incremental innovation versus radical or disruptive innovation, if innovation is about efficiency or increased fundraising income or engagement, as well as the most effective processes and skills sets that are needed to make any type of innovation happen.

So in an attempt to understand how the third sector views and values innovation and provide practical ./guidance to help you deliver ‘more for less’ nfpSynergy are updating their 2004 Innovation Rules! report.

You can have your say about innovation and what you need to help you innovate by taking just 5 minutes to fill in the Innovation Rules! survey

before the end of Friday 22 June.

The findings from the survey will be included in the new Innovation Rules! report, which is part of a greater programme of research on innovation within the Third Sector. The Innovation Rules! report will be free to download and will provide;

• an overview of how the sector values, understands and prioritizes innovation

• insight and examples into how charities and corporates are currently approaching innovation

• ./guidance on developing an innovation strategy for your own organisation a practical toolkit to help you increase your innovation capacity on a day to day basis

Lucy Gower, Innovation & Fundraising Consultant has been a fundraiser for over 10 years. She led the NSPCC’s innovation programme for over four years helping teams to develop their innovation and creative thinking skills to develop new products and services and improve performance. She is now a freelance trainer and consultant specialising in helping individuals and organisations think more creatively to get better results.

Lucy is an active blogger on fundraising and innovation and regularly speaks at conferences both in the UK and overseas. You can follow Lucy on Twitter @lucyinnovation or contact her at

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