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Facebook… your success stories

Facebook… your success stories

Are you repeating your online success from the Internet onto Facebook?
If you are not… you are missing out!
Learn other charity’s Facebook secrets from other members of the fundraising community

Hello fellow charity and social media enthusiasts,

I am currently researching my next article for UK Fundraising. It’s based on Facebook and how your organisation is best utilising the social media platform. I would love to hear from you and potentially use some of your ideas as case studies in the article. I will, of course, give you a reference and a link.

As you are already aware, Facebook has grown considerably over the last few years and has now become a mini www. (Internet). For this exact reason, we believe that organisations should be replicating exactly what is successful for them on the Internet, but also do it within the Facebook platform.

Here are some interesting stats:
• Facebook reaches individuals every minute of the day – nearly one in three (32%) of under-35s admit to checking Facebook in the middle of the night.
• More than three in ten (31%) users under 35 years old say no amount of money would be enough to make them shut down their profile.
• This prized status is explained by how deeply entrenched Facebook can become in users’ lives. Checking Facebook for updates is such an intrinsic part of some users day-to-day behaviour, that it has almost become a reflex action, with one in four (24%) saying that ‘I sometimes check Facebook if I wake up in the middle of the night’.


• A recent BBC report show the greatest growth area in UK users is that of silver surfers aged 50+ and the thirty-plus demographic now represents around 48% of all UK Facebook users.


If you are proud of any innovative fundraising ideas/strategies that you implement on Facebook and you would be happy to share with the sector, please either email or comment below.



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