Second round of £20m Social Action Fund opens for applications

Howard Lake | 10 January 2012 | News

The £20 million Social Action Fund is again inviting applications for grants from projects across England that will expand volunteering and giving of time, money, knowledge and assets. Grants of up to £100,000 are available.
The Fund is managed by The Social Investment Business on behalf of the Office for Civil Society.
The Fund is looking in particular for applications that do the most to increase social action or that are scaling up proven models at a regional or national level. It will fund two different themes:
· Encouraging people to come together in their locality to support each other
· Focusing on the different life stages of volunteering, in particular building a culture of participation among school children and university graduates; encouraging professionals who have retired or are on point of retirement to use their experience and skills for community/public benefit; and inspiring and supporting NCS graduates who want to continue contributing to their communities through social action projects.
Preference will be given to proposals that do the most to increase social action, to ideas that are scaling up proven models at a regional or national level.
The Social Investment Business Chief Executive Jonathan Jenkins said: “In launching round two of the Fund, we want to hear from people who run successful volunteering and support programmes and know they could have a much bigger impact with additional funding.”
The Social Action Fund is open to applications to fund social action projects in England from civil society organisations, public sector bodies and businesses with a track record of delivering social action programmes. The organisations must have operated for more than 2 years and have a minimum turnover of £100,000.
The second round closes at noon on Friday 3 February 2012.

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