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Dangoor family donates £1.1m to Cancer Research UK

Dangoor family donates £1.1m to Cancer Research UK

Dr Naim Dangoor OBE has donated £1.1 million to support the ‘About Cancer’ section on Cancer Research UK’s CancerHelp UK website over the next five years, in honour of his late wife Renée Dangoor, who died from breast cancer in 2008.

Now the head of a successful property portfolio, the 95-year-old Jewish Iraqi originally came to London to study engineering 75 years ago. After building a successful business empire in his homeland, Dr Dangoor and his wife Renée, crowned Miss Baghdad in 1947, were forced to flee in the 1960s due to anti-Semitic persecution and returned to the UK with nothing.

Since then, Dr Dangoor and his family have made numerous charitable donations through The Exilarch’s Foundation, as a way of thanking the country that gave Dr Dangoor refuge.

The ‘About Cancer’ section of Cancer Help UK includes over 4,500 pages of information and covers everything someone with cancer and their family needs to know about the disease. Over 2,800,000 pages of Cancer Help are viewed each month.

Dr Dangoor said: “We understand all too well how being diagnosed with cancer can affect a person and their family. Having access to a source of up to date information that is clear and concise can be an invaluable support at a really difficult time. To be able to help people who are going through the same thing we did is the best way I can think of to honour my late wife’s memory.”

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