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Launch of New Fundraising Website

Launch of New Fundraising Website

Just a short note to let everyone know that I have just launched a new website for students of fundraising. It is designed to provide students with copies of research articles, links to relevant fundraising websites (e.g. this one), academic websites and reading lists of both practitioner texts and academic articles. It also contains a series of self-test quizzes – so you can see how much you already know !

For a long time now we have been working to try and bridge the academic – practioner divide by making academic work accessible to all. We are hoping that this site will play a small role in that process by opening up access to at least some materials and web resources that practitioners may not previously have been aware of.

BUT – and its a BIG BUT – the site is new and has been created as a labour of love on a zero budget – so the site has a long way to go to attract the label of a ‘good’ site. We’re a ways off that – but hopefully in the coming weeks we can develop it into something truly worthwhile.

With that in mind, could I ask a favour of anyone reading this blog? If you’re aware of materials or web links that I’ve missed do please pass them on – and if you’re a sector agency publishing research reports can you either let me have pdfs so that I may post them – or provide me with a one paragraph description and a web link and I’ll gladly include these on the site. The more people that are prepared to assist me in this, the better I can make the site – and the better we can make the learning experience for anyone studying fundraising worldwide. We will be promoting the site to educators, in the hope they will pass on the link to their students.

Finally – to any researchers who might be reading this – could you send me references for any of your work that might be relevant to specific topics included on the site? Now that the site is up in outline I intend to conduct a detailed review of the literature in each area – but I’m almost bound to miss something – so do PLEASE draw my attention to research you believe would offer value for practitioners.

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