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Twitter hashtag raises funds for CARE

Twitter hashtag raises funds for CARE

users are being invited to send messages with the hashtag (or keyword) “#apowerfulnoise” to help raise funds for international development agency CARE.

The ‘tweet-a-thon’ campaign runs from 2 to 5 March only and is part of a promotional campaign for the documentary film ‘A Powerful Noise’ about women’s rights.

For each Tweet sent using the hashtag, entertainment company NCM Fathom will donate $0.50 to CARE up to a maximum of 10,000 tweets, meaning a maximum of $5,000.

It’s yet another example of how charities can fundraise using Twitter. In this case, it’s a short campaign, focused on using Twitter’s viral capability to get a message out rapidly at zero cost, and integrating a sponsor.

It’s nothing new. Lots of charities have tried this approach with new media. For example, Microsoft for a while was donating £1 for each new email address that supporters would share with NSPCC.

So, an old idea in new clothes, and one that is doing well, and could be used easily by other charities.

The campaign page features a feed of all the latest supporters who have ‘retweeted’ the message with the hashtag. In effect, this is a user-generated supporter thank-you page.

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