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Public urged to buy charity Christmas cards

Public urged to buy charity Christmas cards

A group of charities and The Greeting Card Association have urged the UK public to buy charity cards this year and help raise an estimated £50 million for charity.

According to the Greeting Card Association, the sale of greeting cards is the biggest source of income for charities at Christmas: more funds are raised by the sale of these cards than by any other individual product.

However, they are concerned that reports that some charities receive little from the sale of their Christmas cards will put off the public from buying any charity cards.

Sheila Morgan, Manager at the British Heart Foundation, explained why they and charities throughout the UK are uniting to safeguard this method of fundraising.

“It’s vital that the public understands how important charity cards are to charities this Christmas. They are a major source of revenue for charities and a great way for us to raise our profile in shops across the country.

“Cumulatively the amounts and the benefits are enormous; we estimate Christmas cards are worth £50 million for charities each year in the UK. We want to reassure the public that however they choose to buy a charity card; whether it’s from a charity catalogue or shop, from a high street retailer or from a temporary card shop such as Cards for Good Causes, it’s still the best way to send Christmas greetings, keep in touch with family and friends and a great way to raise money for all of the charities involved. So please continue to support us in this way!”

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