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More clarity needed in social investment market, says Venturesome

Howard Lake | 5 September 2008 | News

Charities Aid Foundation’s social investment fund Venturesome has published a report that calls for more co-operation and greater clarity in the social investment market if charities are to be helped to achieve their social aims.
‘Financing Civil Society: A practitioner’s view of the social investment market’ reports on the recent rapid growth of the market and suggests ways in which this could be enhanced.
It also identifies barriers that contribute to social investment not always being applied to the organisations and places where it is most needed. These barriers include financial risk aversion, a lack of understanding of charities’ financial needs and “inefficiency in the marketplace”.
Venturesome’s report recommends more co-investment by funders, more collaboration on producing research data on investments, greater information sharing, and developing “a common language” to help all parties understand each other.
John Kingston, Director of Venturesome, said: “Social investment in the UK has come a long way in five years. In suggesting solutions to the barriers, this report is our contribution to increased clarity and development of this new and important area.”