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SOFII adds up to 1,000 new users each month

Howard Lake | 12 August 2008 | News

SOFII, the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration, launched in January 2008, is now attracting an average of nearly 200 people each day.
Project manager and editor Carolina Herrera said: “In recent weeks we’ve had fundraisers registering from Myanmar (Burma), Moldova, Peru, Ethiopia, Mongolia, Russia, Kenya, Pakistan, India and many other exotic places, as well as literally floods of new enrolments from the UK and other European countries, Australia, the USA and especially Canada”.
The site has 118 different exhibits and a range of practical tips, video clips and editorials. There is no charge to use SOFII.
The site now has ambassadors in several countries: these volunteers will evangelise for SOFII to their fundraising peers and encourage them to unearth and share examples of excellent fundraising from their homeland.
SOFII itself is now a registered foundation. Its trustees are Marie Burnett, Lindsay Boswell, David Carrington and Ken Burnett.