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The emotional logic of legacies

Howard Lake | 5 July 2008 | Blogs

If the essential logic of fundraising is hearts, minds, giving – then the emotional logic of legacies is surely family first, charity second, made possible with a small percentage of whats left.
Most of us in one way or another get this. Whether we express it, do it or pretend we do it is another. Its easy to see a situation when this emerging truth becomes central to all we do. And when it does, will it be the catalyst that grows giving in wills and makes it the norm? And why is it emotional logic? We all know that people believe that its their family they are most concerned about. Its in their heads and hearts and is right in the way of any other message. Nothing can move forward unless they address it. Its primeval. So there is a practical and emotional barrier made ok by the sequence and solution – family first, its ok, then a gift to your charity and here’s how – a small percentage of whatever is left after you looked after your loved ones. Practical and logical yes. But the secret in this, is the emotional logic that unlocks how they give themselves permission, what to do and how they can keep everyone happy. Especially themselves. Drive this and see the change. Logical isnt it?