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Carolina Herrera appointed web editor for SOFII

Carolina Herrera has been appointed as project manager and editor of the Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (SOFII), the online databank of fundraising ideas and case studies run by the SOFII Foundation and the Resource Alliance.
Herrera has worked as a trust fundraiser for charities including the Refugee Council, the Sick Children’s Trust and Sparks children’s medical research charity. She also founded the Knowledge is Power Organisation (KIPORG) which works with the Latin American community in London.
SOFII was established by fundraising expert and author Ken Burnett in 2007 and transferred to become an “integral but distinct part” of the Resource Alliance‘s offering in March 2008. Burnett remains a project leader for SOFII in the medium-term.
Based at the Resource Alliance’s London office, Herrera will work to commission and gather at least 10 ‘exhibits’ or case studies and five editorial pieces each month in an attempt to grow the showcase to 200 individual exhibits by the end of this year.
“As well as it being the showcase of the best and most innovative fundraising from around the world, we’d like to make SOFII a living and breathing resource that any fundraiser can come to for inspiration”, said Herrera.
Registration to SOFII is free and the SOFII Foundation in association with the Resource Alliance is aiming for a minimum of 3,000 registered users by January 2009.
Herrera is looking to recruit ‘country ambassadors’ for SOFII to help ensure that both content and the user-base reflects the global nature of fundraising. So far national ambassadors have been secured for Canada and Germany.
Alan Bird, Resource Alliance’s director of marketing and communications, said: “Because the Resource Alliance aims to build fundraising capacity throughout the Global South, having a resource that shows the very best in fundraising from around the world is the perfect complement to our aims.”