GuideStar your gift for Father’s Day!

Howard Lake | 13 June 2008 | News

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11 June 2008
London, UK
GuideStar your gift for Father’s Day!
Are you at a loss about what to get dad this Father’s day? Why not give your father something different this year by donating to a charity on his behalf. At GuideStar UK you can find information on the finances, activities and operations of all registered charities in England and Wales before deciding which charity he would most want to give to.
Alternatively you can pay tribute to one of the many charities that promote father’s issues. Just go to and enter the key search words DAD, FATHER, or specify as you like. A list of all the charities that help fathers will appear, facilitating informed decisions about which charity you would like to donate to on Father’s day.
One such charity is Families Need Fathers. This charity aims to provide support for parents seeking to maintain and improve relationships with their children after separation and divorce. They also campaign and carry out educational work to promote their core belief in the principles of Shared Parenting.
According to Nick Barnard, Director of Communications ‘As one of Europe’s biggest groups providing support to separated families and campaigning to ensure that children can have a significant relationship with both their parents, we are glad to be listed with Guidestar alongside many other worthy organisations.’
Other charities that are listed include:
The Fatherhood Institute
Storybook Dad
Men United Fathers Network
Barrow Dads Group
Dads Against Drugs
The Men’s Health Forum
Working With Men
Men’s Aid
Notes for Editors
About GuideStar UK
1. GuideStar UK’s website, presents information on the activities, organisation and finances of all 168,000 registered charities in England and Wales. It is free for members of the public and charities.
2. The users of the GuideStar UK website include:
• Members of the general public looking for services, help and information provided by charities.
• Donors, grantmakers and local & central government agencies that fund charities. Representative bodies and professionals that support the work of charities.
• Charities themselves not only as a means of communication but also for benchmarking and comparative purposes.
• The media for accurate and reliable information about charities.
3. The main sources of data for the GuideStar UK website are the reports and accounts that charities file at the Charity Commission. There is no additional reporting burden, but charities can supplement their own entries for free by adding links, press releases and information on their latest activities and achievements directly onto the website.
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