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Breast Cancer Care event on search engine marketing

Howard Lake | 4 June 2008 | News

Breast Cancer Care is organising a presentation for charities on search engine marketing on 24 June. The event will cover organic search, Google Adwords and Google Analytics.
The speaker will be Seamus Morley, an experienced emarketeer who is managing search engine marketing at Breast Cancer Care.
Topics covered will include:
– Why has SEM become so important?
– Key factors in successful SEM
What are Page Rank, PPC and SEO and how do they fit together?
– How to make best use of Google Analytics?
Breast Cancer Care will be sharing its experience in these areas.
The event will be hosted by Bertie Bosrédon, Head of New Media at Breast Cancer Care, and will be held at the charity’s London office. It will begin at 3pm on 24 June.
There is no charge to attend but you do need to register.



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