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The invisibility of women major donors

Congratulations to Third Sector (7 May issue) for its interesting report on women philanthropists – http://www.thirdsector.co.uk/News/login/807188/. The article highlights the way reporting about major philanthropists (e.g. Sunday Times Rich List) displays a systematic bias towards males – missing the fact that there are many female donors and female influencers behind male ‘donors’. Many of these women philanthropists are invisible in the media, and the role of women in philanthropy is consistently underplayed. Could the gender bias of so much of the reporting mean we are missing the potential female major donors on our databases and in our networks?
Nicky MacIntyre – formerly with the Global Fund for Women, and now at Mama cash in the Netherlands will be talking about the motivations of women major donors at the International Fundraising Congress this year. To read more about Nicky and her session go to http://www.resource-alliance.org/ifc/speakers/219.asp?SpeakerID=777