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CLIC Sargent Modernises Its Databases with CARE

Howard Lake | 4 March 2008 | News

IRIS NFP Solutions (formerly CS Group), the leading IT supplier to the UK Not for Profit sector, has been appointed to supply CLIC Sargent with a new contacts management database. CLIC Sargent, the UK’s leading children’s cancer charity, will deploy IRIS’s CARE Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Fundraising & Service Delivery solution to overhaul its existing databases and business processes.
CARE will replace CLIC Sargent’s current contacts management and fundraising systems with a modern software package meeting the requirements of a dynamic charity. Delivering CLIC Sargent powerful tools for relationship fundraising, campaigning and reporting, CARE will enable the charity to improve efficiency and to achieve a single view of its supporters. Furthermore, CLIC Sargent will benefit from the sophisticated service delivery functionality in CARE, providing a fully integrated software solution across the entire organisation.
CARE was selected because it offered the best fit for CLIC Sargent’s requirements as well as true value for the charity’s investment. As an out-of-the-box solution, CARE requires little tailoring, delivering CLIC Sargent flexibility and high level of automation. With its sophisticated segmenting and reporting functionality, CARE will provide CLIC Sargent with a complete picture of its supporter base, giving the charity a better understanding of all its stakeholders’ behaviour and needs.
One of the key reasons for CLIC Sargent to choose CARE was the extensive service delivery functionality in the system, providing increased visibility of information across the organisation whilst maintaining the strict demand for data security. With multiple levels of access allowing different users to view the appropriate data only, CARE will deliver CLIC Sargent a central repository of data. This means that the fundraising and service delivery teams can share a single database without compromising the confidentiality and data sensitivity, which will translate into additional revenue streams and improved efficiency.
Bob Powley, IT Manager at CLIC Sargent comments: “We were impressed by the breadth of functionality and the high level of integration in the Care system. Our aim is that CARE will allow us to underpin both our fundraising and service delivery functions by providing us with powerful tools for management reporting and performance analysis. Enabling us to automate our processes and bring them in line, CARE will help us to improve our efficiency in all the key business areas. We look forward to working with CARE’s dedicated team to ensure success of the project.”
CLIC Sargent will undergo a three-phased implementation process, kicking off with process reviews and workshops in early 2008. The following 6 months will see the deployment of CARE CRM & Fundraising modules as well as the pilot project for service delivery functionality, which will then be rolled out in the last phase to CLIC Sargent’s hospital and social services based staff around the country.
Carrie Goodbourn, CARE Managing Director at IRIS says: “The partnership with CLIC Sargent will give us an opportunity to introduce some exciting new developments in the CARE system. Providing full integration between fundraising and service delivery and a single platform for sophisticated segmenting, reporting and analysis, CARE will help CLIC Sargent to realise its full potential. As a future-proofed and flexible solution with guaranteed development path, CARE will enable CLIC Sargent to paint a complete picture of its business processes and continue its growth.”
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