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Fundratios survey shows 77 per cent increase in major donor income

Fundratios survey shows 77 per cent increase in major donor income

The new Fundratios survey has revealed a 77.4 per cent increase in major donor income for the charities that took part.

Costs for major donor fundraising have decreased slightly over the period, which the Centre for Interfirm Comparison, which co-ordinates Fundratios for the Institute of Fundraising, puts down to significant investment in the past, which would also account for the growth in income.

Twenty-eight of the UK’s largest charities, including the British Red Cross, Crisis, RNLI, Breakthrough Breast Cancer, Amnesty International UK and the PDSA took part in the survey this year. A spokeswoman for the Institute said that the number is not limited to 28, but depends on how many charities want to or have the resources to participate.

All forms of fundraising showed an increase including special events (57.4%) and committed giving (12.6%). Legacies still account for the largest chunk of voluntary income at over 40 per cent.

The Institute says that Fundratios is ‘designed to help all charities both large and small to fundraise more effectively by producing a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of fundraising’.

The Institute’s director of policy and campaigns Megan Pacey said “This benchmarking exercise continues to suggest that the key to successful fundraising lies in nurturing loyal supporters and converting them to regular donors. There is evidence for this in the continued growth in committed giving, the significant role that legacy income plays, and the re-emergence of local fundraising.”

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