Personal Telephone Fundraising's capacity passes 1 million contacts

Personal Telephone Fundraising Limited has increased the capacity of its Brighton-based calling operation to over one million contacts per year.

The growth has been the result both of greater activity for existing clients and new business wins. The telephone fundraising company has won five new clients in recent months, including Scope and Book Aid International.

Existing clients such as Premier Christian Radio, Asthma UK and World Cancer Research Fund have all recently renewed their contracts. Peter Kerridge, Managing Director at Premier Christian Radio said that PTF’s ideas were sound and “we are making a significant investment in telemarketing this year as a result”.


Jane Cunningham, Managing and Creative Director at PTF, said: “Telephone fundraising remains one of the most cost-effective ways of recruiting new committed donors, retaining and developing existing ones. It also enhances the profitability of other fundraising methods including legacy marketing, where we have seen significant growth this year.”

PTF have introduced a special projects area with a capacity of 300,000 contacts per year to manage new business and new product development.

Rob Reaks, PTF’s CEO, added: “We are continuing to develop new ideas to complement our existing range of services, using technology and database analysis to further enhance the return on investment secured for our clients whilst increasing our turnover.”