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EDM Media launch first multiple donor marketing data file

EDM Media launch first multiple donor marketing data file

EDM Media has launched ‘The National Fundraising File’, the first direct marketing data file of multiple charity donors. The file has been built by and is exclusive to EDM Media, who say that it opens the market to small charities wanting to run highly targeted fundraising campaigns by mail, phone or email.

The file consists of 318,314 “highly-responsive individuals” who have given to more than one charity, 86% of whom have given to up to four charities simultaneously. All have completed a detailed questionnaire, and been identified as charity supporters and good prospects for charity appeals, offering postal, email and telephone data.

Profiled as retired 60+, 68% female, homeowners, EDM describe these individuals as financially secure, and having proved to be generous to a wide range of charitable causes with an average donation gift of £10. All are mail-order responsive, particularly to charity appeals, sweepstakes, and health catalogue offers.

EDM Media’s Operations Director, Lisa Neville, said: “For the first time, smaller charities can access the kind of profiled selections that traditionally has only been viable for larger charities holding high volume databases.”

Until now many smaller charities have not been able to afford a detailed profile for targeting when working with small data volumes of less than 20,000; even if they had, they would have discovered that profiling such a small number is less likely to provide a statistically reliable profile.

Neville added: “It’s a perfect database for new charities launching with no data of their own, and larger mailers can also benefit from the uplift of a profile based on multi-donors who have a proven propensity to respond to direct marketing.”

She said that the National Fundraising File can be used in a variety of campaigns, whether to regular committed givers, cash donors or legacy pledgers; and via direct mail, online or telemarketing.

From the file charities can select major donors, legacy prospects, regular givers, cash donors or charity raffle players. They can then overlay this data by type of cause supported including third world, medical, animal, children, religious and environmental causes. They can then make further demographic selections to fine tune their campaign.


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