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Charities launch ImpACT coalition to generate positive reporting of charities

Howard Lake | 15 July 2005 | News

ImpACT is the coalition of 85 charities which aims improve public understanding of the charity sector, especially by addressing negative and often unrepresentative reporting by media organisations.
The scheme is the creation of Alan Gosschalk, Director of Fundraising at Shelter, who was originally alarmed at how few fundraisers and charities were prepared to speak in public in favour of face-to-face fundraising in the wake of media coverage of chuggers. It has been assisted by Joe Saxton, chair of the Institute of Fundraising, who, according to Third Sector magazine, has helped the organisation clarify its aims and key messages.
ImpACT stands for Improving Accountability, Clarity and Transparency. It aims to promote six key themes. It has already published a question and answer document for charity sector staff to help them answer common questions and misperceptions about the sector and charities’ fundraising practices. This document can be downloaded from the NCVO and Institute of Fundraising websites.