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Pidgeon on Net-based one-to-one fundraising

Howard Lake | 11 December 1999 | News

Target Direct Chair Stephen Pidgeon enthuses in the current issue of ThirdSector magazine about the potential of one-to-one marketing that the Internet offers to fundraisers.

“No sooner had I written my last column…”, he writes, “than I began hearing of developments on the Internet that make even these ideas [of feedback fundraising] look clumsy.” Impressed with the ability of advanced Web sites to offer donors what they want, when they want it, and only if they want it, Pidgeon correctly points out that “in the provision of ‘best customer service’ (best supporter development in our terms) you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Read UK Fundraising’s coverage of one-to-one relationship fundraising on the Internet. This includes UK Fundraising’s Howard Lake’s comments on the significance of personalisation on charities’ Web sites in October 1997 at the International Fund Raising Workshop in Holland.


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