Home alone?

Howard Lake | 23 November 1999 | News

Online charity fundraisers now have an ever-increasing market of consumers using the Internet from home to consider. In its fifth annual report, Continental Research reports that 5 million UK adults access the Internet from home.

A total of 40% of the population now have access to the Internet from home, work, school or university. Sixty per cent with Internet access – 11.1 million people – had used the Net at least once a month.
UK Internet users part with their money online, spending £2 billion online last year, about £170 per person. While online purchases represent less than 1% of high street spending, 56% of regular users had bought a book online in the past year. The average user remains well-off, with average annual household income of £40,000.

Online and offline advertising has an effect: 25% of users “read or glanced” at Web-based banner adverts, and 75% visited sites after seeing an address mentioned in a print publication. Radio advertising was also particularly effective in generating visits to Web sites.