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Flash sparks Charitycards.co.uk debate in Guardian

Howard Lake | 28 October 1999 | News

Last week’s letter in The Guardian Online concerning charitycards.co.uk’s use of Flash technology on its Web site has spawned a reply on the supplement’s letters page. Gordon Stevenson retorted that “the original web designer of charitycards was correct to use Flash, since 69.78% of all web browsers now have Flash player installed.”

Mr Stevenson wondered “and what about the other 30.22% of lost customers?” His answer – “why didn’t they simply install the free Flash player?”

So, the customer is wrong and needs to get the right technology to buy a charity card online? That is hardly a customer- or indeed donor-focused approach.


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Mr Stevenson’s argument that the technology is out there so use it is not uncommon. However, charities sticking to it are likely to annoy donors and even more importantly potential donors.