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Calling all donors

Howard Lake | 20 November 1998 | News

Telecommunications company 4free has launched a telecoms affinity fundraising programme for charities and schools. They claim to be able to save money on donors’ telephone bills, and all participating charities receive a monthly donation in the form of a commission from each donors’ monthly bill. Charities can also benefit from a member-get-member facility: if you donors introduce their friends to the scheme, your charity will receive a commission on the bills generated by them as well.

In addition, participating charities will be able to offer their supporters a free mobile phone package worth over £200. 4Free are encouraging participating charities to promote the fundraising programme on their Web sites, and they have a number of Web advertising banners to help track the number of clickthroughs. Supporters will then be linked into your charity’s own dedicated page outlining the programme.
4free also provide low cost Internet access for charities, offering them the chance to act as an Internet Access Provider. 4free do not charge any set-up or branding fee as long as the client is a registered charity. The only cost involved would be the purchase of the charity’s domain name and associated Web hosting fees. The charity is then free to charge their subscribers whatever they think is appropriate.


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