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Getting the right message

Howard Lake | 17 November 1998 | News

E-mail discussion lists for fundraisers can be very useful tools. They can also take up too much of your valuable time. Wouldn’t it be useful if you could choose to receive only those messages that were relevant to you? CharityChannel has just taken a useful step forward in making this possible.

If you would like to receive U.K.-specific postings, visit CharityChannel and click on the “Subscribe, Unsubscribe or Modify Subscription Options” for the list or lists you are subscribed to. Once presented with the subscription screen, scroll down and click on “U.K.,” then submit the update to your subscription options.

A similar service is available to Canadian subscribers who wish to send and receive Canada-specific messages via CharityChannel. Not surprisingly, the word to use in the subject is “CANADA.”


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See also UK Fundraising’s comprehensive list of e-mail discussion lists for fundraisers.