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E-mail lists

Howard Lake | 20 October 1998 | News

One of the most common questions at Howard Lake’s Internet fundraising training courses is “how do I get hold of donors’ e-mail addresses?”
A partial answer to that question is provided by Wyvern Direct Response who are advertising their mailing list of AOL members. Their advertisement in Professional Fundraising magazine highlighted the 400,000 UK members of AOL.
“These potential donors are aged between 30 and 55”, said the advert.

“They are highly receptive, affluent A/B professionals and half of them have incomes of over £25,000 per annum. Happy to use their credit cards they are Telegraph and Times readers, forward thinking, well off and active.”

So, you might not be able to access their e-mail addresses, but you can certainly contact e-mail users via this list. Contact Wyvern Direct Response on 01353 667733.


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