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Grants from the US

Howard Lake | 17 September 1998 | News

Can you raise funds for UK charities from US foundations? A new guide to be published later this month will help in the process. “The Complete Guide to Top US International Foundation Grantmakers” will be published by Chapel & York. It contains profiles of 95 US foundations that give internationally and have grantmaking programmes over $500,000 and accept applications. You can read details of their international giving interests, financial information, funding limitations, and contact information to obtain grantmaking guidelines. The volume is indexed, and includes 10 Steps to Fundraising from US Foundations, advice on how to fundraise from US foundations.

The cover price is £37.50 but there is a special offer for orders received by 19th September of £32.50 or £29.95 for people whose cheques are received by the 19th. Contact: in**@ch*********.com">Chapel & York.


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