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Thanks a million

Howard Lake | 7 May 1998 | News

Millions 2000 the biggest world-wide prize draw ever, was announced at the Secretariat of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on 8th April.

The draw, which culminates on 1 January 2000, with the expected creation of 2000 millionaires, is projected to raise well over a massive US$1 billion for Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies’ humanitarian causes by the millennium.
IFRC Secretary General, George Weber said, “we now have to steer beyond the traditional fundraising mechanics and develop alternatives which appeal to a global audience. Today is an historic occasion for the Federation’s fund-raising activity. The Millennium Draw enables people to win big prizes whilst also contributing to a good cause”.

As well as creating dollar 2000 millionaires, ‘Millions 2000’ will give players automatic entry into monthly draws during the 18 month lead up to the Millennium to win a host of prizes – cars, computers, luxury ocean cruises and massive cash prizes. Entry to ‘Millions 2000’ will cost $10 giving each entrant 10 tickets for the final draw as well as a unique number, which, from July 1998 onwards will be entered into the monthly prize draws. The odds of winning are estimated at 1 in 2,324,784.


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The press launch was introduced by Sir David Frost. He reportedly plans to offer an interactive TV game show which will enable people to buy tickets via the telephone.