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Online opportunities highlighted in DONORS magazine

Howard Lake | 22 October 1993 | News

Chris Carnie explains the benefits of going online in DONORS magazine.

Chris Carnie of The Factary has written one of the first charity sector magazine articles that espouses the benefits to fundraisers of going online. His article “Life on the Line” appears in the September/October issue of DONORS, the technology in fundraising magazine.

In this introduction he explains some of the technical practicalities of getting online. In a future article he says that he will “review some of the on-line services which may be of use to fundraisers.”


An introduction to AI for charity professionals by Ross Angus

Carnie concludes: “in the right circumstances, on-line can be a useful tool for fundraisers.”

Such articles are particularly welcome if they encourage fundraisers to examine the opportunities of going online, and of using the Internet.