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Sponsorship proposal advice needed by independent group

Posted on 12 March 2008 at 1:44 pm
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  • Anonymous
    12 March 2008 at 1:44 pm #3090

    Hello I am currently developing a sponsorship proposal for a small group of individuals raising monies to help fund a film project, a 6 episode series. Our intention is to put it on a global film channel , because it will offer a wider audience of
    film buffs and film industry professionals/ &TV broadcast companies.

    The project is a vehicle created to showcase the talent within and project that talent and skill, as both a series and an automatic show reel within its own right for each of those connected to the production. So in essence, it offers a more professional and completed view of your work as a set and finished project of a T.V. standard in style and
    presentation where allowed.

    Ultimately this project is a platform to introduce and allows a sense of professionalism and lends a voice to those who have not yet or had a chance to be seen and heard.

    Our aim is to produce a pilot episode of 40 minutes of a science fantasy drama facing real issues and problems with at times stark conclusions. This production has no sets in the conventional term of staging, except for limited scenes. The utilisation of certain buildings for lease lessens logistical problems and expenses as well as offering a unique and positive format. From this we provide a global audience a peek into areas of our town, in a way unheard of and untouched while encapsulating local and regional untapped often ignored talent.
    In order to move forward with this production we will rely on an environment conducive to entrepreneurship placement marketing and innovation. We have the infrastructure and desire to engage with a varied cross section of the retail, building and council agencies.

    Not one person within this production is paid for their services, any and all equipment is self provided or purchased by individuals for the use of or financed via sponsorship or donation by assertive and supportive companies with whom a new enterprising and multi faceted approach in marketing and broadcasting takes place.

    Full media coverage will be sought via regional television and radio as well as printed news with stills and insights into what will be the first Internet Serial outside of a professional production agency. Drawing upon any and all media and business attention to the city attracting; new businesses into the area while fully supporting and exhibiting (via film inclusion) existing ones.

    My question is, is how do I convince people that this is worthwhile cause? That this isnt a about a bunch of wannabees with unrealistic goals and expectations. This is about giving people a chance to make something of themselves, use their skills and knowlege and put it into practice, with the intention of not gaining but taking the neccesary steps towards a career.

    I am unsure as to how to approach companies though, we’re not a established organization or company. Thats not our intention, but I am wondering if that is something we will have to do to be taken seriously? How can we be seen as being credible?

    We do plan to create a website that will give details about the project, give bios on all who will be working on the production and will offer free advertising on the site for any of thos who wish to sponsor us.

    I would be most thankful for any advice and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Kind Regards,

    12 March 2008 at 3:18 pm #10395

    I’m afraid you probably won’t get much useful advice on this forum which focuses on fundraising by charity/voluntary sector professional fundraisers for charitable causes.

    As you say you’re not an organisation and that makes seeking funding or sponsorship harder. It’s not an area I can advise on.

    Some possible avenues to explore:

    Arts & Business

    Media Trust

    Good luck.

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