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Sponsoring a van

Posted on 1 February 2008 at 3:44 pm
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  • Anonymous
    1 February 2008 at 3:44 pm #3054


    I run a small-scale charitable theatre company specialising in touring plays with important social content uk-wide and we really need a van -I am trying to get someone to donate an ‘end of lease’ van in return for logo on the van/website in programmes etc. but no takers yet – Has anyone any experience in this are?

    I’ve tried the arts council and lottery avenues and they prefer not to fund vehicles and if they do to fund shared mini-buses for the community.

    Any advice is most welcome

    3 February 2008 at 5:41 pm #10314

    Hi. I had this problem a while back. This may not be much help, but if you can find a servicable van you can usually explain that you are a charity and get the price reduced.

    If you are getting it from a garage you can offer to have their logo on the van as a donor/contributor. Once you have the van you can then get it signwritten for free with the sign donors logo on it and they are usually happy to include any design you want.
    Again, with the maintenance. Never be afraid to ask as the worst anyone can do is say no.

    The downside is that you have to buy the van first as very few people will actually give one away, but you can keep costs to an absolute minimum once you have got one.

    Good luck


    4 February 2008 at 2:06 pm #10318

    A classic question – how many of us have had this one to deal with???

    You have correctly identified that few funding sources will pay for a van. However, a van is not the need you are seeking to address – you want to take your message out to the world, and your message is important.

    Include the cost of transport in your business plan, and include it in your general bids. After all, if your actors are all paid, but can’t get out to perform the shows, they won’t be terribly effective, will they?

    There are funders for touring theatre companies, but generally they’re not interested in the mechanics of touring.

    It’s not the tool you want, ultimately – it’s what the tool can do! “Will you help us take this message to the people who need to hear it?” is a much sexier ask than “Have you got a spare van we could have?”

    Hope this helps



    Gerry Beldon FInstF
    Director, 26-01 CIC

    5 February 2008 at 4:33 pm #10323

    This site is brill! First time I’ve posted something – good to know you can connect with people out there.

    Thank you Gerry – You’re right – I will look at re-wording my requests and engage them with the issues instead of the boring stuff!

    Also thanks Alec – My moto is if you don’t ask you don’t get – so I will also ask for maintenance.

    Best wishes

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