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Payroll Giving – Tip for Corporate Support

Posted on 22 April 2008 at 7:56 am
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  • 22 April 2008 at 7:56 am #3114

    I am helping a corporate in London to boost the levels of their payroll giving scheme, as they aim to achieve the Payroll Giving Gold Award this year.

    Currently, just 70 staff from a workforce of 4000 have joined the scheme, so there is some way to go before they have 10% of their employees on the scheme.

    During our discussions I learnt about the Dress Down Fridays, at all the sites within the company. Employees can wear what they like – within reason – in exchange for a £1 donation.

    Nothing new in that, these days provide a few laughs with certain attire, but the company only asks for £1 once during the month. Buckets are placed around the office, and the system is very haphazard. Some donate, some don’t.

    A member fo staff then has to collect the buckets, count the money, pay the money in, send a cheque to the charity…sound familiar?

    It also transpired during the meeting that, at one of the sites, parking spaces were won in an annual draw. Compared to parking in town, a space at the site would save hundreds of pounds each year for those who won the spaces provided.

    However, rather than getting these parking slots for free, the employee has to pay a reduced rate to a charity. It was unclear if this was made through their pay packet, but it then got us thinking about the Dress Down Fridays.

    During the next couple of months an employee will be asked to donate £5 from their salary to participate in dress down Fridays. This works out to be £1 per week for lower rate taxpayers, and 75p per week for higher rate taxpayers.

    The scheme can be monitored with ease through the payroll, no more buckets, no more counting, no more just putting 10p in the bucket instead of £1.

    I’ll keep you all posted as to how successful this will be. It may be a complete waste of time; who knows? But, with the bucket collections proving to be a pain for someone at the offices, it’s worth a try.

    Of course employees can now choose which charity they wish to donate to, which may also have been a barrier with the bucket collection.

    Has anyone else any feedback with innovative payroll giving ideas?


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