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Posted on 22 February 2013 at 2:02 pm
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  • Anonymous
    22 February 2013 at 2:02 pm #3584

    Due to increasing deaths of people as a result of bomb blast, target killing and others here in Pakistan, so many children have been left as orphans with no body to take care of them and giving them support. Most of the children are left with their poor grand parents and some are left homeless hence ending up on streets.

    The October 8th Pakistan earthquake was dubbed “the children’s catastrophe” because an estimated 17,000 children were killed in school buildings,an estimated 42,600 children lost one of both their parents and thousands more were separated from their families. Inaddition thousands of children were injured physically and psychologically and around 23,000 acquired long term or permanent disabilities.

    Prior to the earthquake, mechanisms to prevent child rights violations and promotethe recovery and reintegration of children whose rights were abused were almostnon-existent in the affected areas. The breakdown of family and social structures, the displacement of children, lack of access to basic humanitarian aid, erosion oftraditional support systems and the loss of basic social services caused by the emergency further reduced coping options for children and their families. Extended family members took in the majority of child orphans but traditional care mechanismsof families and communities were weakened by loss of livelihoods and houses.

    Girls and women without theprotection of a male relativewere left particularly at risk and without easy access to services or realization of their legal rights to property and compensation. Economic and social insecurity increased the risks of trafficking, early marriages, trauma, child labour, institutionalization and other forms of violence, abuse and exploitation.

    For more detail, please visit;

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