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Organisation records

Posted on 11 February 2007 at 6:24 pm
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  • Anonymous
    11 February 2007 at 6:24 pm #2705

    Does anyone have experience of recording unsolicited donations from companies on Raisers Edge – my question is regarding how to consistently add/update (and title) organisation records. For example, we sometimes receive donations from different depts within the same head office (which sometimes have different addresses, e.g. different floor of building or PO box address) – should a new RE record be created for each dept or how do I easily show in the head office record that each gift is from a different dept? This info needs to be recorded in such a way that when we run a query we can see exactly where all donations have come from plus the address details that correspond with whoever sent the donation.

    Also, regarding the organisation name, another example: we receive a donation from a section of a council-we already have a RE record set up for the council as a whole, however the section who have raised the money is located at a different address. If I then set up a new RE record I could put the council name as the organisation name and then put the section name in the first line of the address – however when searching for RE records it wont be very clear that this record relates to this section, so should I put the section name in the title also? (hope that made some kind of sense!)

    Any ideas on best practice for organisation RE records much appreciated!


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