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Funding for individuals?

Posted on 12 June 2008 at 4:24 pm
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  • 12 June 2008 at 4:24 pm #3154

    This forum is not intended as a resource for finding funding for individuals, so such requests will usually be deleted. Please do not post requests for funding for

    * sick children

    * campaigns benefiting an individual or individuals

    * overseas trips/expeditions, even if they benefit a charity or voluntary organisation.

    Charities and voluntary organisations usually raise funds for groups of people: indeed registered charities are not allowed to fundraise for the benefit of one person.

    So, this forum is intended for professional fundraisers who fundraise for an organisation or a group of people.

    If you want to fundraise for an individual, then you should consider fundraising for the relevant charity that can help that individual. This is particularly the case when the individual needs medical or social care in some way. The relevant charity (look for them at GuideStar UK) will probably be very experienced in offering advice to people in this position. It might also itself make grants.

    If you are looking for funding for an individual, then do explore the 3,500 or so trusts listed at

    published by the Directory of Social Change.

    Funderfinder’s People In Need software keeps track of over 4,000 charitable trusts that give away almost £300 million annually to individual people in the UK, from the poor, sick, or disabled to school children and adult students:

    Studentcashpoint offers information on student grants, loans, bursaries, scholarships and awards:

    There is also

    which offers information at no charge on all benefits and grants available to them from both statutory and voluntary organisations.

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