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Full Cost Recovery toolkit – free download

Posted on 7 December 2007 at 12:43 pm
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  • Anonymous
    7 December 2007 at 12:43 pm #3030

    Hello there,

    This is an information-sharing info, for all of you who want to know more about FCR.
    I am in the midst of finding out how to best budget our projects and this will be an invaluable tool, no doubt! It looks VERY comprehensive indeed. But hopefully, once I’ve done it, it should become easier…
    I saw that ACEVO is offering this download free of charge! I don’t know if it is for a limited time only, as they also sell this toolkit. In the meantime, go to their website and get it – quick! – I actually can’t find the link anymore! I just called ACEVO to ask if this was a one-off free resource and was told that it is ongoing. Try and see if it is under publications (where it was 1 min. ago?!?) or perhaps they’ve just moved the page under their “free resources”. Hope you can get hold of a copy.
    Good luck.

    7 December 2007 at 12:58 pm #10106

    sorry, forgot to mention that on acevo’s website “free resources” is under “Support and Advice”.
    I’d add this page to your favourites as there may be more interesting stuff on there in the future!


    7 December 2007 at 1:44 pm #10107

    Me again, I’m clearly not with it today…
    The best and quickest way of getting the toolkit is of course:

    Glad it’s Friday!!…Have a good week-end fellow Forum-readers.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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