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Direct Debit

Posted on 26 January 2005 at 4:51 pm
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  • Anonymous
    26 January 2005 at 4:51 pm #1962

    As a new member I hope I have placed this in the correct catergory!

    The Snowdonia Society is a smallish charity with about 2500 members. At present we are looking into setting up Direct Debits, in order that when membership fees are raised, we can take our members with us. At present we use Standing Orders for 70 % or so of our members but that means relying on them to update S/O etc.
    Can anyone point me in the direction of plain and simple infomation on how we go about setting up such a system. I have chatted to someone from the bank who gave me the costs (if I udnerstand correctly about £1-2k for the first year ) but he had little knoweldge of how it all works in practice.
    At present we have a perfectly functional unique databse created by a knowlegdable volunteer in Access. Each month it priduces a list of who should be paying by Standing Order and when we get bank statements through we go through and enter the payment. How does Direct Debit work – what data in what format do we need to provide and what data do we get back? Would we need to change our databse?

    Sorry to ask so long a question on my first post – any help would be gratefully recieved…


    27 January 2005 at 4:32 pm #7193

    Phew…. go to it explains what you need or Rapidata or a. n. other company of its type can do everything for you. We have BacswayIP software which means we do all the lodging and processing ourselves. Your bank will have an expert in house who can talk you through the various options. Each bank that operates the DD scheme, and your bank must do so, also has a BACS department, you need to speak to someone in that department, they will be the specialist.
    It’s not that difficult, don’t worry, just speak to the right people.



    8 April 2005 at 9:20 am #7194

    we looked at converting from SO to DD, however as a small charity with 5000 members but nearer 1500 financial supporters we found that in order to make it worthwhile doing we’d need a high conversion rate to DD. In addition there would be extra work required and you’d need to prove that your information storage was secure and not open to corruption – ie probably can’t be your current database if too many people have access to it.

    12 April 2005 at 1:15 pm #7195

    I would be happy to talk you though it if you like, contact me at [email][/email].

    The first decision you need to make internally is can you or do you want to manage the DD’s in-house.. ie do you have or do you want a Fundraising dB system capable of holding DD’s, creating the AUDDIS DD registration file and then creating the monthly BACSTEL IP collection file.

    That decision will help you decide whether you can manage the DD’d in house or need an agency to manage them for you.

    IF you decide you need an agency to manage them there are then 2 options.. use a full FM service, where the DD is in the AGENCIES name and the agency takes the rik and does all the collection (but you dont ‘own’ the DD’s) or a Bureau Service where you have an OIN, they are your DD’s, but an agency does the collection and management.

    That discisiion is the starting point of what you need to get/do/find.


    Charity Technology Trust

    18 April 2005 at 8:59 am #7196


    CAF, as an authorised originator, can set up and manage direct debits on your behalf. We are also registered to process paperless direct debits enabling your supporters to set up direct debits by phone, face to face or on-line. We could also manage your membership for you, sending out personalised welcome packs, reminders etc on your behalf.

    As a charity with your interests at heart, we try to keep costs to an absolute minimum. There is a £200 set-up fee for our direct debit service then small charges per direct debit donor / member. These charges vary dependent on whether you wish us to claim Gift Aid (if entitled) and the frequency of the direct debits.

    There is also a one-off charge of £150 to sign up for CAF’s Charity Services Department.

    We can also offer banking and investment services to charities, together with on and off-line donations via credit and debit cards.

    Any queries please contact me at the Charities Aid Foundation on 01732 520313.

    Carolyn Sims – Charity Relations Manager

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