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Appeal Master (from ngc4it)

Posted on 12 June 2007 at 1:53 pm
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  • Anonymous
    12 June 2007 at 1:53 pm #2839

    I would like to have more information of the previous software of Appeal Master because I must transfer this on a new computer but I do not have any technicals informations to do that.
    Can you help me please ?

    12 June 2007 at 2:20 pm #9534

    Hi there

    AppealMaster! Haven’t heard that name for a while. They got taken over by Blackbaud in 2002/3 and all their clients either went on to Raiser’s Edge or started to look for new systems.

    I did some work with AppealMaster a year or so ago, and the easiest way to get data out is just to use the basic Microsoft Access tables – much easier than trying to get data out using the functionaluty within the AppealMaster front end. With this client, we just wanted to see how many records there were, what state they were in etc, but if you want to get the data to a new fundraising solution, then I’d recommend this approach too

    Let me know if you need any more advice

    Purple Vision

    13 June 2007 at 2:49 pm #9535

    At JA Computer Solutions, we have transferred a number of AppealMaster databases and have experience of the table structures etc.

    Give us a call on 0800 731 8764 and we might be able to help you understand the structure.

    If you are transferring to a new system, then Keith is right and you need to analyse the tables. We have already done this transferring data to our product CHARITease.

    If you need any help in moving the database, give us a call.

    Alan Owen
    JA Computer Solutions Ltd

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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