Studio Duo

Studio Duo helps amazing non-profits and good organisations raise awareness of their cause and purpose and increases their impact by utilising captivating photography, engaging videos and creative design to inspire action.

Attract sponsors & opportunities
We create content and campaigns to get you in front of sponsors and create opportunities.

Raise funding & donations
By sharing your ‘why’ through storytelling; we compel people to get involved where they can.

How Studio Duo started
Twins Sonny Allward & Dougie Allward discovered that sometimes charities aren’t great at showcasing the excellent work they are doing – and noticed with their passion and skill; they could do something about it. Bang – Studio Duo was born. Now, it’s not just the twins – we are a collaboration of creative folk working together to help non-profits help the world. Using highly skilled partners allows us to stay agile, responsive and cost-effective.

Sonny Allward and Dougie Allward at Studio Duo

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Studio Duo's vision - a world where people care, react and act