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TheGivingMachine is a unique UK charity and social enterprise raising funds for thousands of UK based good causes, enabling companies, customers and communities to thrive together.
With so many fundraising events cancelled during 2020, fundraisers are under pressure to find new ways to fundraise more than ever before. Our online fundraising options can help your cause raise those vital funds.


We're on The Giving Machine
Shop&Give, our flagship service, unlocks hidden online sales commissions to become free donations for schools, charities and other community organisations across the UK. 
By unlocking this free cash we enable supporters to generate a recurring income stream for schools, charities and other social organisations.  With over 7,500 causes registered and raising money via TheGivingMachine we impact schools, pre-schools, Scout groups, small local charities alongside the well known national charities including Cancer Research UK, Mind and the Alzheimer’s Society for example.
Every year online shops pay hundreds of millions of pounds in sales commissions to other websites for referrals. People search for a product or service on the internet, or maybe visit a comparison website, click on a link and then make a purchase. In many cases, they generate a sales commission for somebody else, but in the case of TheGivingMachine, we convert those commissions into free donations for causes chosen by the shopper. And being a charity means we can give the causes the highest % possible. This is currently up to 60%.
The Giver can choose to support up to four causes at a time and customise their percentage split. Any UK cause whose primary purpose is for public benefit can join for free with regular amounts building up to generate large amounts over a period of time. Every good cause matters and we want to help them thrive.
Our members decide who benefits and so far we’ve generated £1.8 million for over 7,500 causes and it has not cost anyone, a penny extra.
With over 2,200 of the best online shops participating, it’s easy to turn online shopping into free cash to help others.
It’s free to register as a cause with TheGivingMachine, you will have your own cause page and promotional materials to help you spread the word and let your supporters know they can raise funds for you without it costing them a penny extra. Cause payments are made monthly to all cause with a balance of £15+.


Daily Bonus Donation

The Daily Bonus Donation feature allows your supporters to raise a daily donation for you with the click of a button. It’s completely free, they simply need to be signed up as a Giver on TheGivingMachine and click the Daily Bonus Donation button on the website to collect the donation. (Make sure you and your team all sign up as givers to get those daily bonus donations adding up). Donations are small, but as Granny used to say, every penny counts!

Donate Now

All cause pages on TheGivingMachine now feature a Donate Now button. Supporters do not need to be signed up as a Giver on TheGivingMachine to donate and we only ask that the transaction fee is covered – the donor has the choice of adding this to their donation or having it deducted from the donation.  There are no other fees for the cause or donor.
Sign your cause up with TheGivingMachine today here:
The GivingLottery is an exciting fundraising lottery scheme powered by TheGivingMachine.

Free to join, it is an easy, secure way for schools, charities and community groups to raise vital funds. Plus, players have the chance to win up to £25,000!
No set up costs or admin fees – just fill in our simple online form and once we’ve have checked everything over, we’ll set you up with your very own customisable lottery page. You will be provided regularly with marketing material to help you promote your lottery. 
The draw takes place every Saturday night with results posted on our website, Facebook and Twitter. Winners will be advised directly, so if you don’t have the time to check who’s won, we’ll let you know.
60% of ticket sales will go to good causes – 40% to your cause and 20% to a fund supporting good causes in the UK and your funds are sent direct to your account every month.
You’ll never have to pay us anything. No administration, no fees – just a great way to raise money for your cause and the support of just 20 people will raise approximately £1,040 a year for your cause.
Register your cause with the GivingLottery here:
Find out more about us, and all the ways we can help you, here
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