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Howard Lake | 8 March 2021 | Sponsored posts

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Evershare is launching an ultra-low cost new service for charities to receive donations direct their bank account using dynamic QR codes.
During the past year of lockdowns, it’s clear that charities have been getting hit hard – no events, no footfall, and importantly – no collection buckets! Looking at a post pandemic world, COVID is also accelerating the decreasing use of cash. When lockdown ends, many people may rarely use cash again while getting “up and personal” to make card payments will be met with caution. As consumers shift to mobile banking, the future for traditional fund-raising initiatives appears limited. It’s clear a new way needs to be found for supporters to continue to fund charities ad hoc.
What if a solution existed that would allow donors to use their mobile banking app to make donations direct to the charity without the need of a debit card, cash or a payment platform?  And what if there was some mechanism whereby a donor could simply take out their phone, point and click, and launch the charity’s own payment page to make that donation?
That’s where Evershare comes in with open banking payments triggered through the humble QR code.
There’s nothing new about QR code tech. However, in 2020 it became ubiquitous, displayed in restaurants and bars, and the trend is expected to continue. But the use of the code to support the charity sector has been limited – until now. At Evershare we sought to close this gap between the simplicity of the QR code and its functionality with the benefits of mobile banking to allow people to pay their donation direct to the charity. Fully integrated with Gift Aid, a charity using Evershare’s open banking and QR Code solution will receive donations from its supporters direct to its nominated bank account from the donor’s mobile banking app immediately. With no payment platform fees, that’s a 75% reduction in cost, and the charity and its cause will benefit from more of its donors’ generosity.

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Low cost open banking

Charities now signed up with Evershare are benefiting from established QR technology coupled with fintech open banking to create an ultra-low-cost solution to charity fundraising. It’s a solution that every charity, big or small, can use – online and offline, on emails, social media, posters and even t-shirts!

QR codes in charity shop windows

Every shuttered charity shop in the UK could have its own unique Evershare QR code displayed in the window. Local supporters who no doubt often walk by can simply scan and make a gift-aided donation direct. When shops do re-open, charities can continue to use the QR code when shops are shut.
Charities have always played a key role in our society and yet, just when they’re needed most, they’re getting hurt the most – COVID, empty high streets and a declining use of cash. A report in The Guardian in December 2020 showed that charities have lost over £6bn in 2020. That made us think about the donation journey that needs to happen now, and after lockdown ends, in particular how people that were once happy to drop money in a collection tin held by a volunteer outside a local supermarket, may never be able to do so again.

Where will you display your unique Evershare QR code?

In the “new different” being able to receive as much funds as possible will be critical to charities as consumers use less cash and social distancing measures mean getting up close and personal for card payments is less attractive. With Evershare’s solution, the opportunities for charities are limited only by their creativity and the opportunities they can think of to display their unique Evershare QR code.
Contactless readers are a solution but they have to be rented or bought, programmed, shipped, cleaned powered and returned and they are incredibly expensive.
Existing funding platforms require the donor to use current credit card systems to make the donation which again incurs large fees. Funnily enough many charities think these services are free for charities when in fact some take up to 4.5% per donation. In this new world we believe that those fees are unfair and unjustified, and our solution costs some 75% less than any other solution in the UK.
We believe every penny counts – now more than ever.
“This is a game changer in fundraising.”
William Carson, Trustee, New Ways Charity

About Evershare

Evershare uses bank to bank cashless payments which are protected by two layers of security. No new bank accounts are needed as the payments and donations pass straight from your donor to your bank account. Our service works with every major UK bank and Evershare has no access to this payment flow. Winner of an InnovateUK grant and registered with the Fundraising Regulator, Evershare has eight employees in Bristol, Bath and Brighton. Evershare is SEIS approved and is currently on a new investment funding round. Contact or phone 0117 2980979.

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